Adeke: age limit MPs given Shs40m cash, 2 extra years

Anna Adeke Ebaju, Youth MP

National Female Youth MP Adeke Anna Ebaju‏ claims the ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] MPs who support the age limit bill have been paid Shs40m cash to vote in favour of the age limit bill.

An Advocate, Speaker UNSA and former Guild president Makerere University, Adeke said the Tuesday deal also gives the MPs two extra years in the legislative house.

“Shs40m million cash and an extension of the term of Parliament by 2 years… the deal that has just been cut. Cry beloved Uganda. What a shame,” she said.

The current Parliament may serve for 9 uninterrupted years, according to a report from the NRM caucus meeting held at Office of the Prime Minister Building on Tuesday.

According to the report, the caucus has agreed to explore the possibility of invoking Article 77 which gives Parliament powers to determine their tenure.

ICT minister Frank K Tumwebaze also NRM MP for Kibale East County dismissed the report as “desperate lies”.

”Desperate lies. So how did Shs 700m that you opposition earlier alleged was to be given to each NRM MP change now to Shs40m?” Tumwebaze asked.

He added: “Contest on ideas and not blackmail. Stop blackmailing and insulting those opposed to you.”

The minister went on: “No wonder those in your party with different ideas are branded moles.” This is a reference to former FDC party president, Mugisha Muntu.

Alleged age limit bribes

Reports circulated claiming the ruling party and other MPs totalling to 305 who support the age limit removal will be given Shs200m each as a “thank you” for seeing the bill through.

When the legal committee met President Museveni, anti-age limit MPs said the president had promised the team that compiled the report Shs300m.

Silwany Solomon, the Deputy Government Chief Whip, told the alleged Shs200m bribe for those who favour the scrapping of the clause were “mere rumours without a bearing”.