Two arrested for killing a crime preventer


Wakiso Police Team has arrested two men on suspicion of murdering a crime preventer in a hit-and-run that occurred on 29th November 2017.

Police alleges that Bakiiza was driving with his friend in his premio UBA 235C when he hit killing the crime preventer instantly.

The crime preventer identified as Wafula Godfrey together with NO.64967 PC. Alele James while responding to an emergency on a motorcycle UP. 7405 were intentionally knocked.

The case was reported at Bulenga Police Station vide SD/28/29/11/2017 and investigated vide CRB 206/2017.

It is believed that after causing a minor accident around Masanafu, the premio driver was chased by the boda boda lookout teams along Nakuwadde road however attempts to have him stopped were futile.

The group of boda riders requested for police reinforcement as they chased down the driver.

Upon the suspects glancing at the officers through the mirror, made a U-turn and drove fast hitting the police motorbike off the road killing a crime preventer and injuring the policeman’s legs beyond surgery level.

After the impact, the vehicle was heavily damaged car and due to fear for mob action, Bakiiza James surrendered to officers at Masanafu Police Station.

He was charged with two counts of careless driving and murder.

“Someone should not be able to do what they did and go on with their day like nothing happened. They should pay the consequences for their actions”, said OC Station Bulenga Police ASP. Byomuhangi Gideon.