Thugs impersonate police officers, con millions

Kampala metropolitan police spokesman Luke Owoyesigyire

Police in Kiira Road Police Station have arrested four suspects on allegation of impersonation as Police Officers and extorting money from the public.

The four could identify themselves as police officers around Police stations in Kampala and demand money from complainants and suspects in the guise of helping them to get a bond.

Kampala metropolitan police spokesman Luke Owoyesigyire has confirmed the incident.

Habasa Rogers, 34 years was arrested on 08.12.17 for obtaining Shs 5 million from a suspect at Kiira Road Police station.

On searching him Shs 4 million was recovered from him.

Oketch Oswald Asbert obtained Shs 500, 000, Police recovered Shs 400,000 from him.

Atwine Eddy 25 years obtained Shs 300, 000, Obura Ambrose 35 from Kisugu.

The suspects are detained in various Police cells in Kampala.