The altruistic desire behind the Sudhir Empire


Sudhir Ruparelia is a house hold name not only in Uganda, but East Africa as well.

This is because of his blossoming business empire that he has steadily built for over 30 years in the areas of banking, insurance, education, real estate, floriculture, hotels and resorts, broadcasting among others.

He is currently estimated to be 1.12 billion dollars’ worth.

For quick recollection, Sudhir Ruparelia is the owner of Kampala speak hotel, Speke apartments limited, Kampala boulevard, Premiere Roses and Rosebud, Kampala international school, Delhi public international school, Victoria University, Crane chambers, Munyonyo common wealth resort and others that I have belaboured on in my previous writings.

These businesses directly employ over 7000 Ugandans let alone those that indirectly benefit.

The ultimate goal of any business person is to make profit. For this profit to make meaningful impact, it ought to be shared in a manner that the society in which the business is, feels part of it.

Sudhir Ruparelia doesn’t live life that is a stark contrast of renown rich men like Microsoft’s Bill Gates who together with his wife established the Bill and Mellinder Gates foundation that supports global development and health programmes.

Such acts are referred to as acts of philanthropic acts.

Philanthropy dates as far back as 347 BC when Greek Philosopher Plato through his will, instructed his nephew to use proceeds from his family farm to fund the academy that he had founded. The money helped students and kept the academy running.

Sudhir’s desire for an improved society through sharing his blessing through the Ruparelia foundation and other personal initiatives are without a doubt, acts of philanthropy.

The Ruparelia foundation works to improve and promote health, education, sports, poverty eradication, wildlife and environmental conservation programs.

Sudhir is highly lionised as one with a knack for education. He hasn’t stopped at establishing schools and university but has gone ahead to support disadvantaged students.

The Sudhir Ruparelia scholarship program at Victoria University offers a 30% tuition waiver for students offering Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, Bachelor of science in midwifery, Bachelor of Science in human nutrition, Bachelor of science in oil and gas etc.

Ruparelia foundation has built homes, toilets, boreholes in generally disadvantaged communities in Uganda, a true demonstration of the desire to go beyond self.

The donation of over one billion shillings to construction of the movement house,50 million shilling to Amelia Kyambade’s twezimbe foundation, the giving of 10 million shillings to Africa zone VI golf champions and giving of soft loans to small business through the formerly glorious Crane Bank Limited cannot be dismissed but categorised as acts of philanthropy!

In a bid to conserve the environment and wildlife, Sudhir donated 27.5 million shillings and 50 acres of land off his Nsamizi Island for the construction of the second Chimpanzee sanctuary.

As opposed to the deliberate negative publicity through alarming headlines by renown detractors of Mr Sudhir Rupareila, his pulsating altruistic desire to promote the welfare of others through generously giving for good cause make him a true philanthropist.

Kagenyi Lukka is a current affairs analyst and an aspiring MP Ikiiki county 2021.