Special Forces, counterterrorism unit deploy to crush opposition red week

Police counterterrorism unit and Special Forces Command have been deployed at parliament

Security forces have deployed in Kampala ahead of opposition activities under the “Red Week Campaign” in protest of the already approved age limit bill.

Eighteen members on the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee voted at the close of last week in favour of the presidential age limit removal.

They are expected to table their report in parliament this week. Opposition officials led by Butambala County MP Muwanga Kivumbi have lined up anti-age limit activities for the whole week where they will paint the country red.

In Kampala, police and counterterrorism unit deployed foot patrols to engage people in red attires representing the ‘togikwatako’ [don’t dare touch it slogan].

At the City Centre, the situation is calm as people go about their businesses.

Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander, Frank Mwesigwa, says they are aware of the opposition’s plan to stage violent activities in the Central Business District [CBD], around Parliament and block other MPs.

“Police are working with other security agencies and we have counter measures to allow democratic processes to take place,” Mwesigwa said.

Mwesigwa said they have credible information and their [opposition] plan is to attack those in support of age limit.

“The signal of our thinking, the parade is violent. The planned parade is not peaceful, otherwise they should have informed the police.”

Mwesigwa explained that police has no problem with people wearing red as long as they don’t engage in unlawful activities.

“We have information of violent activities by opposition from our credible sources.”

Parliamentary police and Special Forces Command [SFC] are deployed at Parliament.

Counter terrorism police and presidential police have taken strategic positions around Parliament.

The presidential police is deployed on special days when the president or the first lady are expected at Parliament or Office of the Prime Minister.