Lutaaya, Ssebatta, Elly Wamala, Afrigo, Mayinja, Kafeero, Okudi for Hall of Fame

Paul Kafeero

Over the past decades, a lot of Ugandan music has been produced in different forms, genres and styles.

This has been made by thousands of artists and other contributors, with each inspired or influenced by the previous music recordings.

Philly Bongoley Lutaaya

Music’s highest honour, #HiPipoMusicAwards, will celebrate this wealth of musical richness of over decades starting at the 6th prestigious HiPipo Music Awards where we shall enshrine some classic recordings in the Hall of Fame.

HiPipo Music Awards, has established the Hall of Fame to honour music of lasting quality that has made contributions to Uganda’s socio-cultural heritage.


The Hall of Fame will honour not just individuals, but the recordings themselves.

The Hall of Fame will grow annually by honouring music recordings of all genres that are at least 15 years old.

Pastor George Okudi

The Hall of Fame will embody the creative spirit and cultural significance of the greatest recorded Uganda music of all time!

For the first year 2018, the songs entering the Hall of Fame will be announced and celebratory emblem created for these songs.

Jimmy Katumba

The songs will have been released by/before the year 2001.

Over a 2-months period, fans will share opinion for the songs they suggest to be commemorated and enshrined into the Hall of Fame.

The Music Assembly will also review and vote for the Hall of Fame’s recordings.

Elly Wamala

“The Hall of Fame recordings will be featured at the Arts Museum and we shall also agitate for these acts to be specially featured in different music distribution channels not limited to digital channels, radio/tv, airplanes operating Uganda routes and in country buses,” Innocent Kawooya, CEO HiPipo noted.

Recordings will continue to be reviewed annually by a music assembly comprised of eminent and knowledgeable professionals from all branches of the performing arts.

Joanita Kawalya Muganga

The initial batch of songs shortlisted for the Hall of Fame of which some will be enshrine and commemorated in the Hall of Fame are.

  1. Born in Africa – [Philly Lutaaya]
  2. Bus Dunia – [Herman Basudde]
  3. Ddole y’omwana – [Lord Fred Ssebatta]
  4. Ebinyumu – [Elly Wamala]
  5. Drums of Africa – [Jimmy Katumba]
  6. Jim – Joanita Kawalya [Afrigo Band]
  7. Ebisanyi – Kabuye Semboga
  8. Kimuli kya Rose – [Fred Maiso]
  9. Malibongwe – Limit X
  10. Claire – Ronald Mayinja
  11. Walumbe Zaaya – [Paul Job Kafeero]
  12. Wipolo – [George Okudi].