Crime preventer infiltrates city gang, leads to 17 arrests


A brave crime preventer infiltrated a traffic jam phone snatching criminal syndicate and helped police to arrest 17.

Sometimes nothing beats good, old-fashioned police work. Once the police suspects someone for engaging in illegal activities, physical observation and undercover operations, exploit the weak links in the chain.

After numerous reports and outcry from the public regarding property snatching activities in the evening hours, Old Kampala Police tasked a covert crime preventer with a task of uncovering the origin of phone snatchers in criminal circles; the investigation bore fruit, and a massive simultaneous arrest operation took place yesterday. Police managed to arrest 17 boys in the age bracket of 21 and 26 years.

The crime preventer (name withheld for purposes operational cover) was tipped off by a friend about the boys that snatch phones and other valuables during traffic jam rush hour time.

He managed to become a party to them and gain trust of the group leader whose role was to buy drugs for these thugs, then release them for duty at around 7pm in the evening hours and early at 6am morning time to steal items from vehicles.

These items are later sold to their boss at a very cheap price and are later circulated on black market.

The OC Operations Old Kampala Police C/ASP Ssenono Ismail credited the success of operation to the cooperation between crime preventers in Old Kampala Division, the police and the public.

“Our policy is to operate as many undercover agents as possible to achieve deterrence and we hope the arrests will help to deter others from getting involved in illegal activities”, C/ASP Ssenono said.