85 percent Ugandans reject life presidency

Togikwatako supporters at one of Besigye's rallies

A survey commissioned by Citizens Coalition on Electoral Democracy (CEEDU) and Uganda Governance Monitoring Platform (UGMP), says 85 percent of Ugandans don’t support age limit removal and life presidency.

Titled “Citizen’s Perceptions on the Proposed Amendment of Article 102(b) of the Constitution”, the survey sampled 50,429 citizens in 80 constituencies covering 22,926 females and 27,503 male respondents.

The report was presented by Great Lakes Institute for Strategic Studies (GLiSS) Executive Director, Godber Tumushabe, at Olive Gardens, Bugolobi on Friday.

He said the findings also mean that government needs to subject the amendment to serious public scrutiny.

95 percent of citizens in Eastern Uganda do not support the proposed age limit removal, 86 percent in northern Uganda rejected the proposal, 76 percent of respondents in western Uganda also rejected it as well as 66 percent in Buganda.

In Igara West where the proponent of the bill Hon Raphael Magyezi comes from, 83 percent of the sampled females and 88 percent males don’t support the amendment.

Mbale Municipality, Bulamogi (Kaliro District) Bungokho South (Mbale District) registered 100 percent rejection rates.

The three-months survey conducted between September, October and November was supposed to cover 100 constituencies.

Dr Livingstone Sewanyana, the Executive Director of Foundation for Human Rights Initiative says the survey shows amendment of the constitution is not a priority for Ugandans.

He says Ugandans would like to see government tackle pressing challenges such as unemployment, poor remuneration of government employees as shown by striking government employees.