Crime preventer aids recover stolen PopSec official’s car


A vehicle that was stolen from Lira town on 30/11/2017 night was on Friday 1st December 2017 intercepted by Old Kampala Police in Kampala and one suspect arrested.

The Pajero Sport Silver in colour registration number UAY 038Z, was stolen from Club Angel in Lira at around 2:00 am local time.

The staff at Population Secretariat (PopSec) had parked it before going to mingle with his colleagues at the club.

He made new friends who offered free beers which he unsuspectingly took and on sipping the 5th bottle he lost consciousness.

It’s believed that he was chloroformed, dragged to the streets, undressed by the thugs, sneaked the car keys out of his pockets and took off with the vehicle.

Victoria University

Early morning as he sobered up revellers said that as he gained consciousness he acted in a strange and mad manner only to be helped by residents that clothed him.

He then ran to local radio stations and made announcements before reporting to police.

A police message was transmitted allover the communication channels across the country regarding the stolen vehicle.

The thugs drove straight to a hotel in Kampala where they camped as they planned their next move.

A good Samaritan crime preventer working at the hotel overheard their phone conversations that included the motor vehicle they had parked at the hotel.

On examining the vehicle number plates the crime preventer suspected there was something not straight about the vehicle.

He then tipped Old Kampala Police Team that swung into action only to arrest one of the two thugs.

On searching the vehicle, various master keys of all shapes and witchcraft charms were recovered together with the original organizational number plates that were earlier plucked off before replacing them with the ordinary number plates.

The DPC. Old Kampala ASP Nyangoma Grace identified the suspect arrested with the vehicle as Ochaka Jimmy and hailed the crime preventers for the endless and untiring cooperation.

“We are aware that as we enforce our operations, these criminals also advance in their tactics however this Christmas and days to come we are everywhere and we shall ensure the people enjoy their Christmas without any interference. We appeal to the community to report any strange person in your area to the police so that we respond promptly,” ASP. Nayangoma said.