Makerere sets Mutebe’s anti-Mwenda letter in Literature exam

Mutebe Henry

Second year students of Makerere University, offering Bachelor of Arts woke up to the rude shock when they entered an exam paper on the Art of Communication and found a letter written by Henry Mutebe, the young man who has been giving counter arguments to senior journalist Andrew Mwenda.

Question number one in the paper was the famous letter Henry Mutebe wrote to Andrew Mwenda. It was widely shared and had over 700s likes and 200 shares on top of being shared in most popular WhatsApp groups.

Henry Mutebe is popular for responding to Mwenda with stinging letters that have put Mwenda in check lately.

He has gained a following over the last couple of months from his open letters to Andrew Mwenda.

Recently, he joked about the poor reading culture of Ugandans stressing the importance of reading.

Victoria University

Henry Mutebe is a post graduate student at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences and a lecturer at Kyambogo University.

He is also a student Politician in Norway and first black student to be elected into student parliament there.

Mutebe speaks

“Why you may need to do what you hate to do,” Mutebe wrote while responding to the queer development.

“A couple of minutes ago, students of MUK just completed an exam that was quite interesting, I have learnt. hehehe… I have often been accused of writing long essays/letters or posts by many people,” he chest-thumped.

He said today, however, second year students of Makerere University understood the importance of reading my (or other people’s) long essays or posts.

“Students studying the Art of Communication undergraduate module were shocked when one of my letters to Andrew Mwenda ‘My Open letter to Andrew Mwenda; In defence of Bobi Wine’ posted here 18th October 2017, was question number one on their exam paper.”

He added: “So… while many of you accuse me of writing long letters or essays, I am comforted that Doctors of Language in Makerere University felt that my letter merited discussion and they have used it as an academic tool to assess students’ ability to read, discern issues and develop counter arguments. I am humbled.”

Mutebe felt sorry for the students hoping that those who had read it the letter before, word by word, enjoyed, and took the moment to get those free marks.

“I wish you success MUK students. Forgive me for causing you this trouble… Blame it on Andrew Mwenda. I am not the one who caused this.”

The social media critic says those who have read all his long posts since October, have in total read about 60 pages of his views if they were converted to a word document, size 12, single spacing.

“Thank you for your time and effort. I don’t take it for granted,” he signed off.