Pan-Africanists in 1 million march against Libya slave trade

Libyan Ambassador (Minister Plenipotentiary) H.E Naima K.A Algihani with Irumba

Pan-Africanists in Uganda have organised a one-million march to the Libyan embassy in Kampala to protest the ongoing slavery and slave trade in Libya.

A recent documentary by American television channel CNN showed African migrants being auctioned and sold off as slaves while they try to cross the Mediterranean Sea to seek greener pastures in Europe.

Andrew Irumba, the coordinator of Pan-African Pyramid [PAP] in Uganda, interfaced with Libyan officials in a Monday meeting chaired by Richard Baguma, who is in charge of the march.

Irumba told that PAP will present petitions to European Union in Uganda, Libyan Embassy, Interpol and parliament on Thursday morning.

He has already written to all of them on the pending march.

Irumba with an official at Libyan embassy

“We will have a peaceful/violence free match to the above addresses on Thursday as we take the petitions. We are not going to attack the above but to register our concerns,” Irumba said.

He added: ““Our members must put on strictly PAP T-shirts for easy identification to avoid other wrong elements taking advantage of our well-deserved march.”

On Friday, PAP will conduct a debate at Fairway Hotel on the topic: “CNN’s recent allegations of ‘migrant slave auctions ‘in Libya: An extension of the usual divide and rule by the west or a challenge Africa must deal with?”

The free-entry for all session with feature the Libyan Ambassador to Uganda (Minister Plenipotentiary) H.E Naima K.A Algihani and Libyan Embassy’s PRO/IT Head Mr. Salah Ghryani.

“On Friday, at the debate every member should carry a placard with a message strongly condemning modern day slave trade of Africans in Libya.”

On Tuesday, Irumba visited the Libyan Embassy in Kololo to notify them that on Thursday Pan-Africanists in Uganda tend to petition the Ambassador in Kampala over the modern day slave trade and illegal detention of African migrants and refugees in their country.

He was warmly received by Secretary for administration Ms. Suzan Oyella.

“The Ambassador is 100% ready to receive our petition at 10am and on Friday will attend the debate at Fairway,” said the P.R.O Gyryan.

Ambassador Naima said they are ready to set the record straight because what CNN is spreading are photos of 2011 during the conflict.

“They now bring them as fresh photos to continue manipulating Africans to hate each other and turn against each other as they benefit,” Naima explained, adding, “There is definitely foreign interests in choosing to point Libya that way by CNN but I will give my full statement on Thursday when we meet and Friday at Pan-African Pyramid show.”