NRM will never hand over power to opposition foxes-Col Bantariza

Col Shaban Bantariza

The Deputy Executive Director of the Uganda Media Centre, Colonel Shaban Bantariza, says the ruling NRM government will not hand over power to any political party which will destroy all its achievements.

Bantariza made the remarks on December 3 while addressing National Resistance Movement (NRM) leaders from Elgon and Bukedi sub regions at Hill top hotel in Mbale town.

He is quoted by the state-run New Vision saying members of opposition are “inexperienced and confused to be entrusted with power”.

“We can never entrust or hand over power to unexperienced and confused Opposition leaders because they have little knowledge to manage the country affairs,” Bantariza reportedly told NRM district chairpersons, LC5 chairpersons, NRM mobilisers and security personnel.

He said the only experienced person and able to manage Uganda is President Museveni.

“Losing power to Opposition is like losing child and wife in the labour room. Handing over power is sign of exposing our weakness and inability of NRM government can never attempt,” the retired soldier explained.

Bantariza, according to Uganda’s leading daily, assured his audience that NRM government will never allow to hand over power.

“We must not allow to lose power to foxes, but hand over to people that will make sure that continuity is guaranteed. We must hand over power to people that will protect us and be able to escort us back home,” Bantariza said.

When the report started making rounds, Bantariza‏ run to his social media Twitter handle to tone it down.

“At the workshop with District NRM leaders, I said: “Never misuse power, but also never lose power! Handing over power is not losing power!” he tweeted.

Bantariza further denied saying NRM will never hand over power to opposition.

“Ofcourse I can’t say dat, like dat!  The reporter must be forgiven for trying to craft “something” from what he didn’t grasp well!” he quickly added.

Speaking at the meeting, Mbale district chairperson Bernard Mujasi noted NRM party was a sleeping elephant that had given chance to foxes to make noise.

“NRM is like elephant in Uganda, but at times we NRM leaders forget that we are the elephants and keep quiet giving chance to Oppositions to make a lot of noise,” Mujasi is quoted as saying.