Matembe: Besigye, Muntu rift aids Museveni to eliminate opposition

Miria Matembe

Former Ethics minister, Miria Matembe, has warned opposition to get it together before giving President Museveni a chance to obliterate them.

She was appearing on NBS TV “Frontline” programme at the close of last week alongside Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] secretary general, Nandala Mafabi, and government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo.

“They [FDC] have held their elections. One thing that amused me, I met some people who were at Namboole and said ‘we elected the current president because Muntu let us down’,” Matembe said.

She quoted FDC delegates saying when Kizza Besigye won the elections in 2016, Mugisha Muntu refused to petition court over the results of the elections.

She told Mafabi to harness allies if opposition are going to make any difference instead of going into hatred.

“Some people didn’t go to the bush because of violence, they went because of their defence,” Matembe explained.

She added: “I tried to get opposition together so that they can work together but you could see there were internal indifferences.”

Matembe revealed that she is interested in working with the opposition but if they continue to be divided, then President Museveni will eliminate opposition.

“What you are talking about is true. The other day [minister] Chris Baryomunsi was here accusing me of getting envelopes from State House at night. He was trying to silence and discredit me.”

Matembe told Mafabi she might be reaching wider people more than what he thinks.

“When he [Mafabi] thinks I’m here just making noise, he is joking. I’m a very useful member of the opposition who is credible.”

But Mafabi told Matembe that “praying will not make Museveni go”.

He further told Matembe that she pretends to be a good Christian but “You are the one of the worst Christians I have met” after she briefly interrupted him.

“Museveni will go,” Matembe replied, adding, “God puts leaders and removes them. Pray hard that he gives you more ideas to remove him.”

She said the country is in a divine moment, a critical turn when sensible organised people can embrace the moment to bring change in Uganda.