Man arrested for battering wife over X-mas shopping

The suspect arrested by police

Police in Nansana are holding a man identified as Atwiine Michael aged 28 on suspicion of domestic violence and family neglect.

The suspect had for a few days been receiving late night calls which prompted the wife to complain.

The complainant revealed that her husband’s attitude started changing one night on return from his night duties. He became so indifferent, always angry, and moody in a bid to find fault in her.

On the night of 17th December 2016, Atwiine came home late, was welcomed and while having a simple conversation, she reminded him of the Festive shopping he had promised.

This sparked off the man’s anger subsequently earning her a number of lashes that left marks on her thighs and legs.

The following day she tried to share the issue with the Local Council Chairman that sat the two down and tried to harmonize their differences. Michael showed an improvement for one week.

On the night of the 26th December 2016, Atwiine came home late in the night, told the woman in a rude tone to turn her back, ordered her to remove her night dress and raped her.

The unfortunate rape act resulted into a pregnancy. When the lady was 4 months, she was severely beaten by the moody husband leaving ugly body marks and threatened to beat her up saying she deserved a miscarriage.

The victim

She tried hard enough to make her husband happy by preparing his favourite meal and dressed up in an enticing dress which she thought would be a turn on back to the old romantic life they had together for the past two (2) years.

When Atwiine reached home, he looked at the meal disgustfully and walked into the bedroom.

Angry as she tried to confront him about why he had changed from the husband she once knew instead slapped her hard across her face and ripped off her skimpy dress while at the same time undressing too.

In a flash, he held her forcefully and raped her putting all his anger to act.

Conditions worsened when the woman was denied permission of mingling with her female friends but rather be confined only at home, mobile phone confiscated with the aim of cutting her off from communicating to the outside world.

“Culturally I was taught that my sole responsibility in a home as a man is to provide food and to have sex”, Atwiine said.

Shocking revelations show that the home that has been turned into a torture chamber is being rented by the wife and she owns every asset in the house including the beddings.

When asked whether he has provided any support to their newly born baby, she said the husband had only managed to buy 3 sweaters ever since the baby was born.

The woman revealed that her husband had beaten her with canes on several days but she was confined at home that she wouldn’t communicate with police.

The conditions climaxed when their 3 months baby cried at night and he woke up, beat up the kid for disrupting his sleep and blamed mother for not shutting the baby up.

This prompted the neighbours who called in the Police Child and Family Protection Unit team for intervention and a case file opened against him.

According to DPC Nansana Division SP Katwalo Benard, marriage is not a license to rape and sex should be with the consent of the female partner otherwise it is rape.

“People fail to understand that a wife is not just a machine to enjoy sex, bear kids and take care of your family rather she is an individual, with her identity and has equal rights to live her life, the way she wants”, he said.