Mafabi: freedom is not free, we’ll die struggling

Nandala Mafabi

Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] secretary general, Nandala Mafabi, has dismissed reports which have been circulating claiming that Kizza Besigye and himself have been fighting former party president, Mugisha Muntu.

On Monday, FDC president Patrick Oboi Amuriat‏ paid a visit to Mafabi at his private office in Kyambogo where they discussed how to harmonise the first 100 days work with his office and Secretariat.

Mafabi and Amuriat talked about taking the Party forward, a new plan that we will be harmonised today, Wednesday in his first NEC meeting as President.

According to Mafabi, the delegates voted and nobody chased Muntu from the office.

“Our constitution is clear and we follow it. We agreed that defiance is part of FDC party. If there is anything they want us to do they should bring it out,” he noted.

Victoria University

“I have never fought Muntu, Besigye has never fought Muntu. I don’t know how we fought him. I didn’t carry a hammer.”

Mafabi accused former State House head of political intelligence desk, Charles Rwomushana, of having “a general problem with Besigye because you come from the same place”.

Appearing on NBS TV “Frontline” programme at the close of last week, Rwomushana accused both Mafabi and Besigye of orchestrating the plan to got rid of Muntu.

“Solve your domestic problems,” Mafabi told Rwomushana.

“We have one enemy and we need all our energy towards that. I don’t need to make friends to fight. We can be friends later.”

Mafabi agreed opposition was putting more energy in fighting “ourselves” instead of fighting the enemy [Museveni].

“Freedom is never free, we have to keep struggling. Some will die, some will be imprisoned but in the end, we shall arrive.”

Government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo, said FDC’s defiance can only work if they balance forces but hasn’t been working in Uganda.

“The definition of defiance as defined by Besigye, and now Amuriat, is not what Ugandans need. The God of Jacob and Abraham is with President Museveni and NRM,” Opondo said.

He urged opposition parties in Uganda to have policy platforms, organisation and leadership.

“In the army, the ‘General’ is not supposed to salute a ‘Colonel’. When you find a ‘General’ saluting a ‘Colonel’, then something is very wrong.”