Abiriga wants Museveni term stretched to 2023

Abiriga shows off shoes he received from President Museveni

Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga, the champion of age limit, is back and this time round, with another queer proposal that gives President Museveni two more years [up to 2023].

He wants term limits for all elective offices lifted from five years to seven years including that of the president.

“We have talked about it and I see it is good. We don’t want to go back and ask for votes,” the legislator said on Tuesday evening.

He said the term of seven years is okay and he supports it seriously.

“We are starting the third year in Parliament and we have done nothing for the people.”

In 2005, MPs were bribed with Shs5m to lift term limits for the president giving Museveni a shot at life presidency.

Abiriga has been at the helm of those championing the age limit bill that will make Museveni’s life presidency dream come true.

The same MP has now revealed a plan to lift the term limit of all elective offices from five to seven years arguing that five years in office is too short a period for an elected leader to offer adequate service to the electorates.

On Tuesday, the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee met President Museveni at State House Entebbe to get his views on the age limit bill.

A section of MPs on same committee snubbed an interface with the President citing ill motive behind rushed meeting with the head of state.

Hon Mathias Mpuuga said they were aware that the age limit bill is essentially a Museveni bill and Magyezi is just a conduit.

“The rush to meet him is what we don’t understand. Whoever is advising them should tell them to slow down and they should reflect on the manner the committee is being governed.”

Hon. Medard Ssegona said their purpose is to reject the fraud and called upon Ugandans to reject it too.

“These people aren’t planning for this country. They are instead plotting against this country.”