Rebel MPs: Museveni paying Shs300m for age limit signatures

NRM rebel MPs addressing press on Tuesday

The ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] Party MPs opposed to the age limit bill, have said their colleagues are meeting Museveni today to receive the Shs300m bribe promised to them.

The rebel MPs were Tuesday addressing press at parliament ahead of the meeting of the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee with the president in Entebbe.

MPs Mathias Mpuuga [Masaka Municipality], Medard Lubega Sseggona [Busiro East] and Theodore Ssekikubo [Lwemiyaga County] claim that their colleagues were promised Shs300m by President Museveni.

The Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee had been denied extra funds and time to carry out regional consultations as well as taking benchmarking trips for the age limit bill.

According to Mpuuga, the committee has been hijacked.

“The committee should go slowly on meeting the president. They are about to hit a rock.”

Hon. Mpuuga says the committee should wait for members who are out of the country. “Why the rush?”

Ssekikubo, on the other hand, said NRM feared losing support of majority on the committee and fraudulently created artificial majority.

“What’s happening is mere window show, the draft committee report is ready. We shall not allow the committee to add MPs who haven’t even made their maiden speech in Parliament just because they want to gather signatures,” Ssekikubo told press at parliament.

He added: “This country doesn’t belong to Museveni alone, it belongs to all the 37 million Ugandans.”

Hon. Ssegona said the bill was smuggled into Parliament with the barrel of the gun because “Museveni smuggled foreign forces into Parliament”.

“Museveni is brutal in character. He believes he can achieve everything with his brutality.”

Hon. Ssegona said as a resolve, rebel MPs shall not stop fighting. “We argue the people of Uganda to join us.”

Hon. Ssegona observed that the media has been suffocated but urged them to fight on and save Uganda.

“President Museveni has promised Shs300 million to those who are ready to lay their signatures to have the constitution amended,” he stated.

He added: “Museveni shouldn’t worry about retiring as president, he is not too old to become a Member of Parliament.”

Ssegona says even the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, is also “prisoner to the Museveni evil scheme”.

Asked on the matter, committee chair Hon Jacob Oboth Oboth said they don’t control the calendar of the president and that members resolved unanimously to meet the president and get his view on the age limit bill.

“It saddens my heart to hear MPs accusing each other of such matters, it doesn’t give us the maturity that our country needs. We need to visit the president and get his view. The country doesn’t belong to him,” he explained.

Hon. Robinah Rwakoojo, the vice chair of the Legal Affairs Committee said they are going to consult with the president as a former presidential candidate and in his capacity as the current president.

“MPs have consulted with their constituents. Their opinions will be voiced.”