Museveni on top of his game, Don brags about false tweet

Don Wanyama

Senior Press Secretary Don Wanyama has emerged out of a humbling twitter session running under the hashtag “TweetLikeDonWanyama”, even triumphant than expected.

Don came under social media criticism over a deceptive tweet he posted early this year showing a well-designed road junction with crisscrossing flyovers.

He claimed the road was located in Kisoro District, in western Uganda but a tweep uncovered the actual road in Amazon-like jungles of South America.

Don was quickly labelled a liar and crook, comparing him to Ofwono Opondo, another government spokesperson always at loggerheads with the public over “delusional statements”.

“People are having a good laugh and some of the memes are rib-cracking,” Don said in response to the critical twitter attacks.

“That tweet was light hearted and I knew what I was doing. The conversation that followed was interesting.”

Don says he saw the pictures of what the government has done.

Appearing on NBS TV Tuesday morning, Don said Ugandans must look at the broader promise of the president, noting that the big promise is to use this term to drive towards a middle income status.

“The president is not a micro manager. He holds the broader vision of the country and you can’t have a better person to market the country more than the president.”

Don rejected accusations that the president is micro-managing saying all he [Museveni] is doing is to set the big agenda.

“The president’s work is to set the ball rolling and that is not micro-managing.”

He said, for example, the question of strikes, naturally, humans will always want more but it shouldn’t be a representation of failed targets.

Asked whether the president paid back the Shs6bn handshake, Don said Museveni admitted that he was going to pay the money.

“You need to check with the treasury and URA. The political space in this country is totally open. You will not hide under the cover of a civil society organization to play hard politics.”

He said government was proposing to acquire land and compensate people reasonably but critics of government went out spreading wrong information on land amendment.

“2017 has been a year of concertizing the foundation. What is happening is implementation and monitoring. The president is on top of his game.”


Cissy Kagaba, the Executive Director of the Anti- Corruption Coalition Uganda (ACCU), noted that the current situation doesn’t depict the road to middle income status.

“Many public servants are striking. These are the peopple are supposed to drive the country to that kind of economy. How can you reach that level when these people are striking?”

She said the #6bnhandshake, for example, created a lot of storm and some people felt they were entitled.

“We think that was an abuse of our resources. These people are already paid to do what they are supposed to do.”

She cited a number of state attorneys who have saved government huge sums of money yet none has be rewarded.

“We have continuously said the problem wasn’t the handshake but the criteria. Are our systems working? Why should people be running to the president when we have systems put in place to handle these things?”

According to Kagaba, there is need to address the root cause of the problem and sort it out once and for all because giving out handouts will not stop these problems.

“Unless that is done, the president will continuously be stop by people for handouts.”

She said the land issue is bigger and broader and that the country has a lot of underlying issues on land.

“We have agencies and ministries which should be handling this land issue but you see the president sensitising people on land. This is not sustainable.”