Mao suggests new theory of throwing out Museveni

Norbert Mao

Democratic Party [DP] president general, Norbert Mao, has urged opposition to come up with a new methodology if they are to ever capture power.

Mao believes democracy is both an outcome and a process which should always keep improving.

He said while leading the Democratic Party, he knows what it means to have a party in turbulence citing the case of Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] that faces divisions following Patrick Amuriat’s victory over Mugisha Muntu.

“The ball is in FDC’s court. They should confine the fights in their territory,” Mao said Thursday while appearing on NBS TV “Frontline” programme.

The DP leader observed that the primary contradiction is between the Ugandan people and President Museveni and that the secondary contradiction is that whenever there is conflict in any opposition group, it benefits Museveni.

Victoria University

Historically, he argued, this kind of divide is healthy but it has to be managed. “I believe Ugandan opposition parties have to know that the number one agenda is to remove the despot.”

Mao said when the slaves unite, the red sea will separate alluding to the biblical story of Moses leading Israelites from slavery in Egypt to the promised land of Canaan.

“I know real survivors in opposition and you can’t blame them. Mudslinging in opposition has been the methodology.”

He recalled how one day, critics said his wife worked with State House but whe a list of State House workers was released, her name was not there.

“I thought I had a 2nd wife I didn’t know about,” he joked.

Mao said former head of political intelligence desk at State House, Charles Rwomushana, makes “the despot” appear too big and too strong.

He said the regime is like a piece of wood which is strong outside and yet it has been eaten inside by termites.

“Let us go back to the drawing board and arrive at a new theory of throwing out Museveni.”

On his part, Rwomushana said the NRM party is fused with the state and it’s armed. “You are dealing with a militant political opponent.”

He noted that the effort is concentrated on who should lead after Museveni and it’s not on how to bring down Museveni.

“Those who defy Museveni can’t even live here, can’t even take their suits for dry cleaning. Lie to those who don’t know. I have been in this system and I know how it works.”