UPDF Capt Byabashaija arrested over NARO land grab

Capt Byabashaija

The commission of inquiry into land matters headed by Lady Justice Catherine Bamugemereire has detained a retired UPDF captain for grabbing land in Mbarara district.

Capt David Byabashaija was arrested Thursday evening for occupying land belonging to National Agricultural Research Organisation [NARO].

According to the report, Byabashaija rejected orders by the president to vacate said land which he fraudulently grabbed to start a school.

The commission learnt that Byabashaija grabbed the said land in 1998 and started a school called Ngabo Academy.

The school educates children of fallen comrades of the 1986 bush war.

His arrest came after an interrogation by the commission and testimonies against the Captain that he defied President Museveni’s directive to vacate the land.

The Director of the Institute in Mbarara Dr Harid Kirunda told NTV that Byabashaija also rejected orders from the Deputy Chief of defence forces Lt Gen Charles Angina.