‘Besigye same as Museveni but Tumukunde, Matembe, Mao can be presidents’

Besigye and Museveni shaking hands in 2016

Former Supreme Court Justice George Kanyeihamba has said former Forum for Democratic Change FDC] party president, Kizza Besigye, and NRM chairman, President Yoweri Museveni, are the same sides of one coin.

Prof. Kanyeihamba said the opposition figure is also not ready to be president.

“He [Besigye] and Museveni are made from the same coin. They are all arrogant and don’t take advice,” Kanyeihamba said on Wednesday while appearing on NBS TV “morning breeze” programme.

On the question of age limit, Kanyeihamba said biological age has no relevancy to capacity. The greatest scientist in the world is in the wheel chair but his brain is first class, he argued.

He said since 1970s, Museveni has been making very important decisions and he never rests. “Museveni is exhausted to serve this country. You can’t allow one person alone to serve this country for more than 30 years.”

Victoria University

Prof. Kanyeihamba observed that Museveni who has served well in various aspects is very tired to serve this country anymore and that the debate is not about age, tiredness or capacity but the issue is why people want him to continue.

“Because he controls the national cake and will continue dividing and distributing it to all Ugandans and those who support him will continue benefiting.”

He added: “President Museveni is on record saying we revolutionaries never retire but die in office. Did Robert Mugabe die in office? I love President Museveni and I want him to retire. If he doesn’t retire, there is no way he can win in 2021.”

He said people are very tired of the same rhetoric. President Museveni is on record saying Ugandans should never vote a person who is beyond 75 years.

At this moment, Kanyeihamba continued, the only Emmerson Mnangagwa [Zimbabwe president] can come from people from originated or supported by NRM.

“Since 1990s, NRM has made sure that the only person to make decisions for the governance of this country is President Museveni. I don’t blame him, I blame ourselves.”

Prof. Kanyeihamba said Henry Tumukunde would be a Mnangagwa. “If you wanted a woman, Miria Matembe can be one. Also, if Norbert Mao stopped his comedy, he would be president.”

Prof. Kanyeihamba noted that Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda has tended to be a yes man many times. “I didn’t believe he would participate a lot in this age limit campaign.”

He said Vice President Edward Ssekandi is like Rugunda. “They are all cadres. People who follow others can never be leaders”.

He suggested very strongly that staying in office is very wrong for President Museveni.