LC election officials up in arms over missing salaries, allowances

EC spokesperson, Jotham Taremwa

Election officials in Isingiro district are deeply disturbed by the manner in which their salaries and allowances have been handled by David Mukundane, the Isingiro district returning officer.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, one of the officials from Isingiro town council said they have never received any salary or allowance even after having been conducted registration and display of village registers.

Electoral officials for Local council election, for example, are supposed to receive a salary and allowance of Shs28,9000 and Shs100,000 for village officials an amount that their colleagues in other districts have duly received.

Similarly, parish supervisors have been denied a number of allowances supposed to facilitate their work.

“He trained us, asked us to recruit village election officials, supervised, issued out nomination forms, nominated village women councils. He gave us materials for women elections on Sunday 12th, November 2017. He then ordered us to return all materials to his office after court suspended elections,” a disturbed official said.

Victoria University

“As individuals offering an important national service, we surely deserve better treatment than this and our request is that the electoral commission officials at the national investigate the matter immediately. We too have families to look after.”

However, when contacted Mukundane assured all officers who conducted the local council election process that they will receive their salaries and allowances.

Jotham Taremwa, the EC spokesperson, told the commission has not yet released money and once released, it will go directly to their Mobile Money numbers of the officials.

“We haven’t paid. We need to first gauge how much to give them because the exercise was incomplete,” Taremwa said.

He added: “The payments will come. Everyone who worked with be paid.”