EAC joint chiefs of staff discuss terrorism

EAC chiefs

The East Africa Community (EAC) Sectorial Committee on Cooperation in Defence has held its 27th meeting, at the Imperial Royal Hotel Kampala.

The Chairman of the Session, Maj Gen Joseph Musanyufu, UPDF Joint Chief Of Staff (JCOS), thanked the distinguished delegates for honouring the Republic of Uganda by allowing it to host the meeting.

The JCOS said that peace and security are becoming increasingly critical in the region. “Peace and security issues continue to pose a serious challenge with in the region. These include terrorist attacks, cross border conflicts, internal violence all leading to loss of lives, displacement of persons and destruction of property.”

He stressed that these must continue to be addressed to create a peaceful and secure environment. This state of uncertainty is a major negative factor in the development and progress of the region,” he said.

Gen Musanyufu added that the development of the EAC Protocol on Cooperation in Defence Affairs is a highlight of the nations’ commitment to address security challenges within the region.

He explained that the EAC Defence sector has achieved key milestones since its establishment and what is left is to realize the objectives of deploying in conflict spots within the region as mandated by the EAC Protocol.

He informed delegates that as advisers of Chiefs of Defence Forces of the region, the Joint Chief of Staffs are required to look critically at the various documents being presented to them by the experts and forward well thought out recommendations to the Chiefs of Defence Forces

He thanked the EAC Secretariat for the tireless efforts in bringing the region together while preparing for this meeting.

The meeting is also being attended by delegations from Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and South Sudan.