Red Pepper mired Kabila in Kaguta-Kagame story that landed staff in jail

Kagame, Kaguta and Kabila at a regional event

Police says Red Pepper Publications offices in Namanve along Jinja road will remain closed until it has concluded investigations into the leading tabloid.

Five company directors Richard Tusiime (CEO), Patrick Mugumya (CPO), Arinaitwe Rugyendo (CM0), James Mujuni (CCO) and Johnson Musinguzi Byarabaha (CFO).
The editors are; Ben Byarabaha (Managing Editor), Richard Kintu (News Editor) and Tumusiime Francis Tinywana (Bwino Newspaper Editor who doubles as General Manager) are currently detained at Nalufenya torture facility in Jinja.

They are accused of publishing a story which alleges President Yoweri Museveni is hatching a plot to overthrow Rwanda President, Paul Kagame.

According to the story which the ministry of Foreign Affairs dismissed as false, UPDF is allegedly training former president Habyarimana’s loyalists with the help of the French army based in Rwenzori region.

The story alleges that UPDF will enter Congo in the guise of hunting ADF and former M23 rebels following an alleged deal between President Museveni and Kabila from where they will enter a war with Rwanda.

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This is the story that landed them in prison:

In the days of a war that may come from the DR Congo, but by President Museveni, President Kagame and President Kabila have been involved in a great deal of responsibility, including the role of French conscientious objectors.

Some of the various newspapers in Uganda, such as, have also reported that Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa has fled to Rwanda and is now in South Africa recently in Uganda where he consulted with RNC members.

He has been in Tanzania for the purpose of seeking to disrupt security in Rwanda.

People are wondering why Gen. Kayumba’s visit to Uganda, asking for the role of French troops in Uganda and Rujugiro, who is said to support RNC, which is a key factor in achieving the relationship between South Africa and Rwanda and the French Union.

Rwanda and its well-being partners with Uganda can end the war between Rwanda and Uganda.  

Uganda’s President Museveni reports that he has the power to use some of the President, including President Kabila, when he faces Uganda’s M23 rebels, after the M23 rebels flee to Uganda, saying that President Museveni had told the M23 that he had been kidnapped in Congo.

President Kabila is afraid that it can take him to the point of liberating him from the government and even to arrest him.

President Museveni after resignation of Rujugiro’s finances in Uganda, and authorizing French troops to Uganda to train his troops, it is obvious that there is a war intent after the confrontation with Rwanda and some of the Ugandans in Uganda claim to be partners and Ugandan police in raiding Rwandan refugees flee to Uganda where Lt. Manuelbazi’s spokeswoman.

News from President Museveni’s statement that President Museveni is making progress in Rwanda and that he has banned an electricity supply that has to come from Ethiopia to Rwanda as it is in the Writing Newsletter.

According to the newspaper, another is the issue of Railway Train (Train), which stands ahead of South Sudan, all of which are said to be President Museveni’s defendant.

In France, the media report that their role in the Genocide against Tutsis has been rejected and in recent years, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs Louise has appeared in the media, saying that France has no role in protecting its role in the Genocide, it was questioned whether going to Uganda would help them to escape the role of the victims.

The news from Uganda is that President Museveni has sought to use President Kabila in the intention of saying he wants to enter Congo to find ADF rebels against President Museveni’s regime and Kabila because the plan does not know what he will do because Museveni’s rebels rebel against him. Now that the State has a problem with its opposers wanting to get a government election in the country before it comes.

The problem is now the way the Ugandan army runs out of the Congo to attack the ADF but after that goal is asked why Gen. Kayumba comes to Uganda and Uganda wants to go to Congo and M23. They are told in Congo that they will not prevent a serious problem that can lead to the war between Rwanda and Uganda and Congo.

Our investigation said that France was facing a problem with Rwanda and the Rwandan Ambassador in the country after being sentenced to France by the expulsion of Habyarimana’s former presidential host of Rwanda, which is now being trained by the armed forces of Uganda alone.

In addition, Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa, who is in Uganda and Tanzania, is also in a position to convince Rwanda of why he has been convicted and accused of being raped by Rwandan Courts and that can result in a successful marriage, since Gen. Kayumba has a RNC ruling party in Rwanda.

The people are wondering why Congo is the source of the war that they are trying to use to make sure they have a large number of refugees in the area where ADF Nalu exists, that FDRL exists and that all other armed forces in Congo appear to be somewhat in the countries where they want to cross Congo as ADF may not exist.

The story was published by a Rwandan website Rushyashya: