China says it had no hand in Zimbabwe coup

Gen Chiwenga visiting China before the coup

The Chinese Embassy in South Africa has lashed out bitterly at allegations claiming China had a hand in Zimbabwe military “coup”.

In a charged statement Monday, the embassy said “the relevant report is self-contradictory, full of logical fallacies, and filled with evil intentions”.

When one of the architects of Zimbabwe’s low-key coup landed in Beijing last week he was met by two of the most senior members of the world’s largest military force, reports theguardian.

“China and Zimbabwe are all-weather friends,” the head of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF), Gen Constantino Guveya Chiwenga, was told by Li Zuocheng, chief of the joint staff of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA), according to a defence ministry report.

Zimbabwe, Chiwenga told his host, was “willing to deepen exchanges and cooperation in all fields with China to promote the rapid development of bilateral state and military relations between the two countries”.

Two days later, the ZDF chief sat down with China’s defence minister, Gen Chang Wanquan, thanking him for Beijing’s “long-time selfless help”.

Little else is known about why Chiwenga, who is seen as an ally of Zimbabwe’s ousted vice-president, Emmerson Mnangagwa, made the call on the Chinese capital, just days before the army chief would declare that the military was ready to “step in” over Robert Mugabe’s purge of the ruling party.

Ever since, western media claimed that China must have given Chiwenga a go-ahead to outs the old African strongman.

Embassy denies

The embassy said linking Zimbabwe political crisis with china by certain western media is an attempt with ulterior motives.

The Chinese embassy hereby rejects this story as completely false, groundless, and a total fabrication.

It said the alleged link undermines China’s image and aims to drive a wedge between China and Africa.

It said China and Zimbabwe share longstanding friendly relations citing a time when Zimbabwe faced sanctions by the west and china stood by it.

The embassy says Chiwenga’s visit was a normal military exchange between China and Zimbabwe.