Raila announces 3rd republic: cars burnt, fans shot dead

Raila Odinga's procession

Today is the beginning of the third Republic, Kenya opposition leader, Raila Odinga, told Nasa alliance supporters Friday on landing at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

“Today is the day we are launching Kenya as a third republic. What you have seen is a signal that a third liberation is coming soon. Canaan is near,” he told cheering crowds that gathered in a one million march to JKIA.

The National Super Alliance leader who returned from US where he had been for 10 days, says change must come to Kenya.

Clashes with police

Police prevented his procession from entering Uhuru Park where he would have addressed a rally forcing him to do it at the Community area.

The Standard Media reported running battles between police and his supporters as early as 8am outside JKIA to where they had trekked to welcome him from his Kibera bastion eight kilometres away and the Eastlands suburbs of Nairobi.

From the airport, Raila’s motorcade drove on Mombasa Road escorted by chanting supporters all the way to Nyayo Stadium roundabout from it branched off to Eastlands through Jogoo Road, From Jogoo Road it turned back heading to the city centre.

It is on Jogoo Road and Haile Sellasie Avenue where the battles with the police were at their most ferocious.

Reuters reported that two people had been shot dead where The Standard just mentioned “several” adding that some cars had also been burnt.

Police headquarters said five people killed during NASA procession were lynched during stealing incidents.

Police fired tear gas at the convoy and used a water cannon as they tried to stop it reaching the capital’s main business district.

Some protesters threw stones at police. TV footage showed two vehicles on fire.

The deaths occurred as police and protesters fought on one of the main roads leading to the business district, the photographer, who was at the scene, said.

Police retreated several times along the route after the protesters were unmoved by the teargas and water cannon spray.

They finally held their ground near the city’s main park, where Odinga, just returned from the United States, intended to address a rally that had been banned.

He blamed in President Uhuru Kenyatta for the violence.

“My anger is with that guy called Uhuru Kenyatta. I went abroad… After you welcomed me well, he sent policemen to teargas you, to beat my people, to fire bullets at them. Isn’t this barbaric?,” he told his supporters after driving to safety.

Odinga called for a “National Resistance Movement” to protest against the outcome of a repeat presidential election last month which saw Kenyatta win a second, five-year term with 98 percent of the vote after Odinga boycotted the contest. Only 39 percent of registered voters took part.

The Supreme Court will deliver its verdict on Monday November 20 after conclusion of three petitions challenging President Uhuru Kenyatta’s re-election.