I will live up to 100, says Museveni

Museveni at Karambi sub county grounds, Burahya constituency, FortPortal, Kabarole District

President Museveni has said as things look now, he is poised to live until he is 100 years of age.

The 73 year-old is struggling to scrap the presidential age limit clause from the constitution and stretch his presidency beyond 2021.

Addressing lawyers at Imperial Botanical Beach Hotel in Entebbe Friday, Museveni said he just celebrated his 73rd birthday a few days ago and is nearly 100.

“I told my daughters, with the way things are going it seems I’m going to hit 100 years. If I’m 73, 27 years is just like tomorrow…,” he said, throwing lawyers into bouts of laughter.

The remarks came at a time the 93 year-old Zimbabwe leader Robert Mugabe is on edge after being deposed by the military in a soft coup.

Democratic Party President, Norbert Mao, joked on the takeover thus: “Uncle Bob [Mugabe] and Aunt Grace are in real trouble, I hope Uncle Joel [Museveni] and Aunt Janet are picking up lessons.”

Museveni who has built a strong army and got rid of veterans aka NRM historicals, say he has already covered a long distance and the remaining distance is short.

“But I told my daughters, if I reach 100, it’s because you have annoyed me by trying to change your skin colour,” he said condemning African women for bleaching their skins.

The president said Europe managed to colonise Africa because of the inferiority complex and internal weaknesses.

“We were not maggots for us (Africans) to be colonised by foreigners. This was a serious weakness!”

He said foreigners came up and took the whole continent apart from Ethiopia. It was later attacked by Fascist Italian leader Benedicto Mussolini in 1935.

“How were we colonised? This was due to internal weaknesses. Are we maggots?”