Black girls bleach skins till they turn blue-Museveni

Skin bleaching

President Museveni has Friday lashed out at Africans who bleach their skins until they turn blue.

He was opening the East Africa Law Society 22nd annual conference in Entebbe, Wakiso district Friday November 17, 2017.

“That is a terrible sickness,” the president repeated with disgust.

“You the black people, are you going to remain in your culture or become black Europeans?”

He said there are children who were born black can’t speak their mother tongues [languages].

“Some are actually blue. If you look at South Sudanese carefully, they are actually blue,” he sent the room thundering with laughter.

These black men, these blue men and women claim to fight blackness by rubbing off the black colours, Museveni wanted, adding “I don’t like it.”

He said the concept of beauty according to Ankole is that a girl sits on the grass and turns it black. “That is real African beauty.”

A South Sudanese teenager

He attributed the “sickening trend” to indoctrination and inferiority complex which has been pumped into African people.

“People think if you are black, you are not beautiful,” he said quoting “Black Skin, White Masks”, a 1952 book by Frantz Fanon, a psychiatrist and intellectual from Martinique.

In the book, Fanon says Africans hate themselves to the point of thinking they should be someone else.

“…where you think you should be a European or Indian. That’s why our girls are rubbing their skin colours off, it’s a terrible sickness,” Museveni said.