NRA songster Sergeant Kifulugunyu dies


Steven Sempagala aka Sergeant (rtd) Kifulugunyu has died, army spokesperson, Brig Richard Karemire said on Wednesday.

Kifulugunyu composed the morale boosting songs during NRA bush war which entertained the fighters.

One of his famous songs is ‘Omoto nawaka’ which he composed in 1984 after joining NRA rebels.

According to a profile released by Karemire, Sgt Kifulugunyu was in the Malire Mechanised Specialised Reconnaissance Regiment (MMSRR) which had some of the best tank squadrons; and so witnessed and “participated” in the blowing up of the German-built Kagera Bridge.

Earlier in 1965 when Uganda went to support Congolese nationalist rebels led by Moishe Tshombe, Kifulugunyu was among the soldiers who participated in that war.

In 1973, when the late Col Muammar Gaddafi of Libya invaded Chad, Kifulugunyu was also among the soldiers of fortune. Uganda had sent some soldiers to train in Libya in a Commando Course.

After the mission, they returned to Uganda and Kifulugunyu was sent to Iraq and later to former Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics for further training.

After the 1979 war, Kifulugunyu like all former Uganda army soldiers was imprisoned.

But in 1980, he managed to escape with other ex-servicemen from Upper Maximum Security Prison, Luzira.

For three years, he hid in Mubende District until 1984 when a one Kasinzi took him to the National Resistance Army (NRA) rebels.

But on the day he arrived in the bush, Kifulugunyu was arrested. This was after he said he had been in the UA but had escaped from jail.

In 2008, at the rank of Warrant Officer Class I (WOI), obtained in 1973, Kifulugunyu was retired from the national army after 44 years of soldiering.