MP Zaake seeks Shs250m for treatment in India

MP Zaake

Mityana MP Francis Zaake Butebi was also badly injured by Special Forces Command soldiers is seeking funds for his trip and treatment in India without the medical board’s assistance.

Mukono municipality Member of Parliament Betty Nambooze was authorized to travel to India where she has already undergone back surgery.

The government through Parliament reportedly paid Shs120m for Nambooze’s treatment in India where she successfully underwent Posterior Lumbar Decompression and Fusion operation.

Dr. Kizza Besigye allegedly contributed USD$20,000 (about Shs70m) to her medical expenses.

Her accompanying physician, Dr. Tenywa Fred Giggs was paid USD$3,660 while the treatment cost is USD$14,000..

Zaake stuck

Zaake, on the other hand, has decide to forget government and just look for money elsewhere. “We need about Shs 250 million for the treatment,” he said in a social media statement.

He will also use the Shs 29 million which was released to each MP for consultations on the now acrimonious presidential age limit bill.

His father Sembuusi Emmy Butebi also contributed to Zaake’s operation expenses.

“But parliament has not given us any money because we are suffering on our own. The doctors say that his diagnosis is a neurological disorder which causes headaches such as cluster and migraine and also detoxification of his body against the chemical that was injected in him,” said Zaake’s Personal Secretary / Caretaker.

The MP on Monday 13th, November 2017 met specialized neurosurgeons for surgery but is struggling to raise a balance of $ 36,236.715 [Shs130m] to be paid to the hospital before the process.

“I have indeed waited for quite long for the institution of Parliament to arrange the money to cater for my medical bills abroad because I am entitled to this money just like any other member of parliament. Why the process has taken so long a time! God knows,” he said.

The young legislator who was beaten by former army commander, Gen Katumba Wamala, underwent diagnosis on the instruction of Uganda medical board for which results established that indeed he needed advanced treatment.

“Why don’t I get my medical entitlement other than being tossed up and down!?”

“Madam speaker kindly intervene, my treatment is costing a lumpsum of $ 72,473.43 please don’t let me believe that all the commitment you made to me while visiting at my residence was but empty promises, I am told that my life is at stake if I don’t undergo this surgery.”

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga had promised that parliament would meet the expenses of both Zaake and Nambooze’s treatment abroad.