Forget sugar daddies, build your poor young man-Zari tells ladies

Zari and Diamond

Ugandan socialite Zarinah Hassan aka Zari Tlale has advised ladies to go with the young men they love no matter how poor for poverty doesn’t last forever.

Zari who seems to have patched up her issues with Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz who recently cheated on her, believes one should be “bold to own your mistakes in Life, accept your faults and improve your personality”.

“Forget about those old men called “Sponsors”. Build a future with that brilliant determined young man who is after you,” she advised young expectant ladies.

She added: “He might be poor today but he won’t be poor forever. Build wealth with your own man.”


Zari told the ladies that “sponsors” aka sugar daddies will bless them with gifts, diseases and curses.

Victoria University

“Don’t die over material things. Better things are yet to come. Some died of AIDS just because of iPhone 4.”

She said little did they know that the world will even have iPhone 7.

“Sponsors will waste your youthful years and you will miss the chance of getting married to a man who will make you a ‘Mrs’.”

She adds: “Its very true, there will be more to life. Think about the future. To the wise ladies…….think through this piece. Thank me later.”