569 Ugandans in Juba prison, being killed day & night  

Oulanyah receiving the petition

Ugandans in South Sudan have called on government to intervene and improve their work and living conditions.

In a petition to the Rt. Hon. Deputy Speaker, Jacob Oulanyah, they accused the Ugandan government of neglect despite widespread reports of harassment in South Sudan.

“The recent war has seen most of us losing our merchandise; the South Sudanese are killing Ugandans day and night,” said Pastor Edward Senjobe, the Chairperson, National Resistance Movement (South Sudan Chapter).

He said Ugandans in South Sudan are considered criminals and many have been arrested and detained without being produced in court.

He explained that the Ugandan embassy in South Sudan has not been helpful in addressing their plight.

“The Juba prison has 569 Ugandans who have been imprisoned without trial. 175 of them have spent more than five years in Juba Prison, with no fair hearing,” he said.

The Deputy Speaker said the petitioners’ matter was serious considering that it involved violence.

He advised the petitioners to write to the Prime Minister since some of the issues raised were to be addressed by the Executive.

He promised to accord the petition time on the order business of Parliament for consideration when the MPs return from their recess.