I’m sure Museveni will scrap age limit, seal life presidency-Sejusa

President Museveni

Former coordinator of intelligence services in the UPDF, Gen David Sejusa alias Tinyefuza says he is sure President Museveni will lift the presidential age limit and achieve his life presidency dream.

Sejusa highlighted Museveni’s plan to push forward the Hon Raphael Magyezi bill: those opposed to the bill [Togikwatako side] resisted in parliament, they moved out to consult people but got blocked by security forces.

When they went back to block the bill on the floor of parliament, they were met with “tanks and kifeesi”, Special Forces soldiers dressed in civilian clothes.

According to Sejusa, Museveni gives every activity clear timelines…”e.g force Magyezi bill into Parliament, bribe MPs, go and hold sham consultations, arrest leaders before the debate resumes, take it back for  debate while tanks patrol the streets. It’s all worked out”.

He asked opposition to first understand that there is a new environment in Uganda and new forces. “If we are to bring about change faster, we got to change the way we think & operate. What we have is larger than people imagine.”

He added: “And when I speak about a new national formula, am serious. I see a country in revolt including NRM peasants, but opposition still locked in its narrow tunnel. We need to martial all these forces.”

The soldier asked the opposition to come up with a new national formula that can delve into these so they don’t push the country over the cliff like some are bent on doing?

“Otherwise the country will burn. Sadly. Perhaps the problem is bigger than Museveni then? He knows this though and uses it?  Otherwise, how can people who have seen millions perish in our wars continue to dance this tune of death?”

So it’s not that they love Museveni or merely fear him or are bribed, yes these a true too, he argued, adding, but is there more that makes them ready to sacrifice their country/children?

He says proponents of the bill have one reason and that is their personal ambitions to lead. With time, many know they will never lead this country yet they can’t stand one another.

“Is Museveni then their fall-back position to keep those they hate out? We normally focus on Museveni when it comes to his overstay in power. Fair enough, for he is a key actor. But what explains the behaviour of those grey haired, wrinkle faced men/women who push Museveni on? What drives them? Can’t just be money or fear!”

He used the anecdote of Maslow’s hammer in the “The psychology of science”. A hammer thinks everything is a nail. He told Museveni that not everything requires military force.

He was referring to arrest of Dr. Ekwaro Obuku for speaking out. “Our doctors earn less than KCCA drivers, RDCs, the redundant presidential advisors thousands of soldiers and police kept on pay roll guarding concubines of big men! Millions of informers paid for lying! 500 MPs, 100 ministers??Arresting Dr Ekwaro stupid.”

“Stop threats and solve doctor’s problems. In country of one Doctor per 30,000 people, how do you fool around? UPDF, police and prisons have less than 60 doctors. Can’t even man Mulago hospital alone! In 70s, Idi Amin went to Bank of Uganda to shoot Mr foreign exchange! Similar?”

He said watching the police and city council officials beat, arrest and destroy merchandise of poor people in Kisekka market, makes him wonder who still supports Museveni with unemployment of youth at 80%.

“Time is gone when Museveni had mental presence, team and energy to handle domestic and regional crises but no more.  The situation in Uganda is bad enough to worry us. But add on regional bickering, confusion and wars…terrifying.”

He advised opposition to use consultations to sensitise the population and communicate a way forward but not to think they will stop Museveni from passing the bill.