Critic: doctors don’t aid in removing Museveni, let him squeeze them

Mivule Basajja

Radio personality and critic Mivule Basajja went personal on Sunday when he faulted doctors for not supporting political activism yet they also stand to benefit from the removal of President Museveni from power.

“You don’t expect doctors to be angels or saints in a country like this,” Mivule said Sunday while appearing on NBS TV “Eagle” programme.

He said the doctors’ strike is justifiable but what they are asking for is too much.

As part of their demands, the doctors want government to review their salaries which would see an intern doctor earn Shs8.5million as opposed to the current Shs960, 000 before tax.

They also want a medical officer or teaching assistant to be paid Shs15 million and accorded a two-bedroom house plus a 2.5cc vehicle.

“The government doesn’t love us and that is the same reason why they don’t want to give doctors money to cure us,” Mivule said.

He then went personal: “When we are making plans to remove Museveni, you (doctors) don’t help us. You are always in your offices. Let the government squeeze you more. We are always busy planning to remove Uganda’s problem when you are nowhere to be seen.”

But the ruling party NRM spokesperson, Rogers Mulidwa, was more concerned with opposition which he said has no moral authority to talk about the deteriorating health sector.

“FDC has no moral authority to talk about health. Their leader (Kizza Besigye) is a doctor who has not contributed to the health sector,” Mulindwa said.

Government says a multi sectoral sub-committee of Cabinet has been set up to attend to the doctors’ industrial demands and arrive at an amicable and sustainable settlement that will see them get back to work.

This was announced by Prime Minister, Dr Ruhakana Rugunda, on Monday evening after a briefing by the health minister, Dr Jane Ruth Aceng.

“Cabinet today established a Committee to engage doctors to bring the industrial action to an end,” Rugunda said.

The committee comprises of the ministry of Health, Finance, Public Service, Attorney General and ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development.