Bashir visits Museveni Kisozi farm, flies back to Khartoum

Museveni and Bashir take a ride in Kisozi farm

President Yoweri Museveni on Tuesday had the honour of conducting Field Marshall Omar El-Bashir, the Sudan President, around his farm in Kisozi, Gomba District.

Museveni showed Bashir the different types of cattle he rears and the conversation also centred on conservation of River Nile and the environment.

“We must industrialise and get more villages onto the electricity grid if we are to conserve the environment and avoid deforestation,” Museveni said after the tour.

He said if majority population keeps in the villages, they will continue cutting trees for firewood and drain swamps to get farm land.

“Later this afternoon, I saw off His Excellency Bashir at Entebbe Airport upon conclusion of his two-day official visit to Uganda.”

He added: “I thank him for honouring my invitation and look forward to stronger bilateral relations between our countries.”

Bashir was in Uganda for a two-day State Visit, at the invitation of President Museveni.

Bashir and his delegation held talks with his host Museveni and his delegation on how to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries.

They agreed to cooperate more in the fields of trade, foreign affairs and regional security. Uganda will export more tea and coffee to Sudan.

Museveni also asked Bashir to help court more Arab investors.