Women will not stand in your way, Wanyoto tells her boss

Lydia Wanyoto [on knees] greets President Yoweri Museveni in Rwakitura.

National Resistance Movement [NRM] Women’s League Chairperson, Hon Wanyoto Lydia, says the women in Uganda will not stand in President Museveni’s way as he pursues life presidency.

She was on Saturday addressing press on the proposed amendment to lift the age limit from the constitution so the president can run again in 2021 elections.

According to Wanyoto, women participation in politics also arose from similar amendments and will thus popularise the bill seeking to amend the constitution once more.

“Our own election as women was reviewed from electoral college and suffrage. We can’t stand in the way of those who want age limit to be lifted,” she said.

“We [women] also benefited from the constitutional amendment. We are all committed.”

She said the structure of NRM leadership moves from national up to the village level and called upon all women to support the views of the NRM Women League.

But religious leaders says the Presidential Age Limit is not an entrenched constitutional provision hence significant to note that people have divergent views on the matter and need to soberly listen to all sides without favouring one side and intimidating another.

According to them, the issue of ‘age limit’ together with ‘term limits’ should be added to the agenda of the proposed National Dialogue and people should freely talk about them.

The two provisions (i.e., age and term limits) should be entrenched so that their removal requires a referendum because of their polarizing nature and the MPs supporting or opposing age limit should first seek advice and opinions from the constituents.

Security agencies should stop harassing one side and favour another (i.e those for lifting the age limit and those opposed to it) and let debate on age limit be based on principles and not positions, dwelling on individuals instead of emphasizing the common good and posterity.

Religious leaders also pushed for a Constitutional Review Commission to be established to address all issues of electoral reforms that were pronounced by the Supreme Court in its ruling on the 2016 election petition.