Police dismisses ‘citizen arrest’ of Moyo police boss

Citizens drag away a police chief

Police has dismissed a report which claims that residents in Moyo district on Monday arrested a senior police officer in a “citizen’s arrest”.

A citizen’s arrest is an arrest made by a person who is not acting as a sworn law-enforcement official. In medieval England and the English common law, sheriffs encouraged ordinary citizens to help apprehend law breakers.

The Moyo district incident was allegedly sparked off by an order for the arrest of Obongi County MP, Hassan Kaps Fungaroo, who was consulting people on the proposed lifting of the presidential age limit clause.

Pictures of irate citizens marching with a senior police officer made rounds on social media Monday.

Police spokesperson, AIGP Asan Kasingye, said the resident were protesting and expressing their dissatisfaction over the continued poor state of roads.

Victoria University

“The wanainchi were unhappy with delayed road construction by Uganda National Roads Authority [UNRA],” Kasingye explained.

He said the policeman in the pictures is the Regional Police Commander [RPC] North West Nile region, SP Musinguzi Jonathan.

“The RPC and LCV chairman were calming them [residents] down,” he told edge.ug.

On the alleged arrest of the police chief, Kasingye asked: “Have you ever seen a DPC who is an Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP)?”

On Monday morning, residents staged demonstrations accusing government of failure to fix their impassable roads.

The protest paralysed business in Moyo town as rioters clashed with police.