Get me Arab investors, Museveni asks Bashir

Museveni and Bashir at State House Entebbe

President Yoweri Museveni says he is glad to host ‘Comrade’ Field Marshall Omar El-Bashir for a two-day official visit to Uganda.

“H.E. Bashir is here on my invitation,” Museveni said on Monday after receiving Bashir at Entebbe airport and ushering him at State House.

“We have held discussions on how to strengthen bilateral relations between our countries. We have held discussions and agreed to cooperate more in the fields of trade, foreign affairs and regional security.”

He said Uganda will export more tea and coffee to Sudan and that a joint ministerial team will follow up to actualise this.

Bashir who was indicted by the International Criminal Court [ICC] on war crimes in Darfur region came to Uganda with his business delegation.

Museveni also asked H.E. Bashir to help Uganda court more Arab investors.

In that light, Bashir has offered to host a Uganda-Arab Investment Summit in Khartoum.

“I will attend the summit to encourage more investors to come to Uganda,” Museveni said.