Foreign countries invested $1m in red ribbons- Gen Elwelu

Maj. Gen. Elwelu

The Commander of the UPDF Land Forces Major General Peter Elwelu has spoken out on the army’s involvement in curbing the violence that erupted at a rally for pro-age limit activists in Soroti district, eastern Uganda.

Elwelu was recorded by NTV telling a regional security meeting held in Kumi municipality that the army cannot sit by and watch the situation go out of hand.

“UPDF in fulfilling its mandate with other security forces and shall not allow obstruction, intimidate and obstruction of other people’s lives,” he said.

“For us we watch and see those intimidating people. This one is unacceptable. We shall not allow it.”

Maj. General Elwelu says they have information that the opposition is being funded in this campaign by foreign countries.

“Foreign countries are involved in our politics. They are even funding opposition campaigns. Where did red ribbons come from? Who is financing them?”

He then revealed: “There is over 1 million US dollars [approximately Shs3.6bn] that came into the country for such operations.”

Elwelu is the soldier who led an operation on Rwenzururu kingdom, raiding the palace of King Charles Wesley Mumbere and arresting him.

Women activists have since asked Ugandans should not forget over fifty people killed in the infamous 26th November 2016 joint police-military operations on Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu Palace in Kasese District.

According to Uganda Radio Network [URN], the Women’s Movement representing individuals and organizations across the country called upon all Ugandans to join the initiative to ensure that the memories of the dead are not forgotten.

The Women activist groups Isis-WICCE and Centre for Conflict Resolution (CECORE) say the attack on the Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu had a huge impact on women with lasting effect being felt to date.

Isis-WICCE and CECORE say they have carried out research to document women’s experience of the conflict and to understand its historical perspective.

The group says one of the obvious issues found was gross human rights violations and the huge impact of the conflict on women and children.

One year since the incident in Kasese where many Ugandans were killed, with hundreds arrested including female royal guards, Isis-WICCE and CECORE is dedicating its annual 16 days of activism campaign against Gender-based violence (GBV 2017) to the assault on the Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu.