FBI assists police forensics on women murders

Asan Kasingye

The US Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) is assisting Uganda Police Forensics Department to conclude investigations in the murder of women in Nansana and Entebbe municipalities in Wakiso District.

Earlier, police had dismissed reports saying it was conducting joint investigations with FBI.

“We don’t agree that FBI took over investigations. It’s UPF doing it,” Kasingye explained on Monday, saying the issue of investigations was being handled by Police Special Investigations Division [SID].

“FBI is only assisting with forensic analysis especially of unclaimed bodies,” the police spokesman said.

According to Kasingye, FBI agents are in the country to help them in identifying three bodies of women.

“Three FBI forensics experts are trying to establish whether the deceased were Ugandan nationals or not,” he told press at Naguru police headquarters.

Two of the women were killed in Katabi town council in Entebbe and the other in Nansana municipality between May and September of this year.