Amuriat suggests police supports Muntu

Amuriat and Munyagwa at a rally

Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] presidential candidate, Patrick Oboi Amuriat, accuses police of meddling in the opposition party campaigns with the aim of curtailing him from soliciting votes.

On Sunday, police blocked his rally in Namungoona, a Kampala suburb. On Saturday, police blocked his rally in Ggaba as was the case with a number of rallies in the East and North.

“I don’t know if to be surprised by the way our colleagues are freely conducting theirs. What role does the state have in FDC democratic processes?” he wondered.

Amuriat said Uganda Police has not been consistent in the way they run business yet their mandate is to protect all Ugandans and their property.

“Team POA has experienced the rough and crude unlawful side of Uganda Police Force. While as we expect them to follow and respect the law as they carry out their duties, men and women in uniform have abused the law with reckless abandon.”

Amuriat said he is running out of patience about what is happening and may be left with no option but make it a campaign issue now and during the debate in a weeks’ time.

His rallies have been blocked by police amid arrests, teargas and live bullets in different regions.

According to him, the duty of a Police Force is to protect citizens and their property it is characteristic of some partisan police officers to interrupt pure peaceful citizens who are in pursue of their Constitutional rights.

He has been arrested several times with Kizza Besigye, Nandala Mafabi and Ingrid Turinawe among others while outgoing party president Mugisha Muntu campaigns freely.

But Mrs. Abby Kalule Ssewaali, the FDC General secretary for Entebbe Municipality, believes Amuriat will take the party to greater heights.

His campaign team includes Director Owek Joyce Nabbosa Ssebugwawo, the FDC Deputy President, Deputy Team leader Hon Mwijukye Francis who is also the Buhweju county MP, Ingrid Turinawe, the FDC National mobilisation secretary, Hon Harold Kaija, the FDC Deputy secretary General,  Ms Faridah Nangonzi, FDC women league vice chairperson,  Owek Bbaale Bwanika, Mzee Mukalazi Kibuuka, Hon Margaret Wokuri Madanda, Mr Kizito Livingstone among others.

According to Amuriat, political parties are collective actors with a variety of preferences and positions. “If these preferences and positions are not handled well a political party faces conflicts.”

He believes intraparty conflict often occurs when two or more ideological dimensions diverge. And these disagreements or conflicts are triggered by ideological tensions.

“It is essential to identify ideological disagreements in time. My Presidency in Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) will analyse our ideological spread and with my leadership ability, we shall be able to score on both fronts of Ideological cohesion and Party Cohesion.”

He added: “In identifying Party Cohesion means to identify different degrees of positions in the party and forming a general agreement with our party.”