Age limit: MP Najjuma gets stuck in Nakaseke muddy road

MP Najjuma helped to get out of the mud

Even the weather seemed to join a conspiracy by red ribbon groups in Nakaseke district to warn their area MP Sarah Najjuma not to dare touch the constitution.

Last week, Nakaseke voters warned Najjuma against supporting the age limit bill, saying that she should oppose it even if she stands alone.

Najjuma had just met about 300 voters who advised President Museveni to instead prepare his successor instead of removing the age cap to install himself as a life president.

Over the weekend, Najjuma decided to get more views, this time in Ngoma town council. She was accompanied by Ngoma town council mayor, Tadeo Ziritwawula.

It rained heavily in the area on Sunday. But the eager legislator made her way to Kinyogoga village to consult her electorate.

At a place called Kamusenene, she found the road impassable. It was murky, it was muddy, it was messy.

Her car got stuck in the mud. Luckily for Najjuma, residents managed to spot her during the agonising moments and rushed to her rescue.

They strained their muscles and pushed and pulled the stuck vehicle out of the mud. They then spread blue carpets on the ground and helped Najjuma who was donning a gomesi to walk out of the mire.

Nakaseke is one of those districts with a poor road system yet its where President Museveni based to fight his guerrilla war. It was then part of Luweero District where Museveni enjoys 90% of the votes.

Ugandans have since expressed disappointment at the villagers who helped Najjuma get out of the mud yet she has done nothing to improve the road network.

“Instead of pulling her out of the car and role her in this mud, these residents are instead rolling a tarpaulin for her to step on,” said an angry opposition member.

Hard times for NRM bigwigs

Hajji Abdul Nadduli; the minister without Portfolio and NRM vice chairman for Buganda, was embarrassed by walk-outs in Buvuma while in Mukono, the police had to save him from an angry group of his party’s local leaders, reports The Observer.

Dominic Gidudu, who was sent by CEC to Sebei and Elgon sub-regions, faced the same fate in Sironko as NRM leaders in the district rejected the Shs 30,000 he was handing out for ‘facilitation’ to popularise the bill.

In the western Kyegegwa district, some NRM leaders branded Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister Maj Gen Kahinda Otafiire an arrogant man after the outspoken minister told them that whether they wanted it or not, Article 102(b) would be amended to remove the age limitations.

Other protestations were witnessed at Kyotera district headquarters ahead of President Museveni’s arrival with Tanzanian president Pombe Magufuli.

To avoid such embarrassments, when consulting in his Bukoto Central constituency, Vice President Edward Ssekandi drew a list of the people he wanted at his meetings in Kabonera, Kyesiiga and Kyannamukaaka; the three sub-counties that make the constituency.

Still in West Nile, the state minister for Finance in charge of general duties, Gabriel Aridru Ajedra, was also saved by police from his constituents in Vurra, Arua district who flatly told him to resign his ministerial post.

Ajedra had rather tauntingly told them that he would resign as minister if his constituents reject the bill.

Additional reporting by The Observer