Besigye visits ‘victims of police brutality’

Besigye with Epedu's dad and brother.

Former presidential candidate, Kizza Besigye, has visited Victoria Hospital in Bukoto to see Mr Jasper Lahisi Natukunda, whose urinary system was badly damaged from Police torture at Rukungiri Police Station during 2011 walk-2-work demos.

Lahisi has already had two operation to manage the damage he suffered and now awaiting a third one. Luckily, an NGO, African Centre for Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture Victims (ACTV) made a significant contribution to his treatment.

ACTV could no longer meet the costs of the impending operation and Lahisi was really desperate when Besigye visited him.

“While seated by Lahisi’s bed pondering over the crisis, a man walked to me and requested that before I leave the hospital, I should also visit his son in the ICU- another victim of Police brutality. I did,” Besigye said.

Epedu Albert 17 years, from Asuret, Soroti, was employed by HomeBet, Mbalala branch. Thieves broke into their (HomeBet) Office during the night of 17th Sept 2017.

In the morning, Epedu went to Mbalala Police Post to report the break-in and was, instead, detained as a suspect and tortured terribly.

When he became unconscious, the policemen who tortured him took him to Kawolo Hospital. Since Epedu’s condition was very bad, he was referred to Nsambya ICU.

Epedu’s parents and relatives had been alerted and were at Kawolo Hospital to take him to Nsambya.

Epedu on his ICU bed

On arrival at Nsambya Hospital, they found the ICU full and couldn’t take in any other patient. They were referred to the ICU of Victoria Hospital, where Epedu was taken into ICU on 19th Sept 2017. Has been in this ICU unconscious since.

Police wrote a commitment letter to pay bills but now wants him referred to Mulago. Epedu’s family has been meeting costs of investigations not provided at Hospital- e.g. Scans.

Besigye says police hasn’t settled any of the Hospital bills and the Hospital wants to get the victim out.

“This is a dilemma facing very many victims of police brutality. Anyone who can lend a helping hand will be most welcome. May God bless all the kind hearts that step in to assist!”