MPs honour Beijukye in session boycotted by opposition

Beijukye took oaths of allegiance and Member of Parliament on 16th May 2016

Members of Parliament passed a motion paying tribute to the late Hon. William Beijukye who passed away after succumbing to Hepatitis B at Nsambya hospital on Friday 3rd November, 2017.

The Second Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for East African Affairs, Hon. Kirunda Kivejinja, who moved the motion, described Beijukye as a hardworking, humble and peaceful person who loved his people.

Beijukye was serving his first term in Parliament, representing Ruhaama County in Ntugamo district, having replaced the First Lady, Hon. Janet Kataaha Museveni, who retired from elective politics.

The Deputy Speaker, Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah, said that Beijukye’s story was a demonstration that with hard work and smart choices, one can lead a fruitful life.

“You do not need to be defined by your father’s name anymore because you can make your name from scratch; it means we should not despise humble beginnings and that anybody has the potential to make it,” he said.

He also attributed the success of people like Beijukye to the conducive and enabling environment fostered by the NRM government.

Hon. Edward Otto Makmot (Agago County) in secondment of the motion and on behalf of the Opposition said that Beijukye passed on at a young age and that his constituents have lost a person they expected a lot from.

Director Clerks Emmanuel Bakwega congratulates William Beijukye after taking oaths 16th May 2016

“Beijukye was an amiable and peace loving person who was always eager to work with everyone. Parliament has a lost a brother and a very humble man,” Makmot said.

In addition, Herbert Kabafunzaki (NRM, Rukiga County) said that Beijukye was down-to-earth and passionate about service to the country.

“He was a trusted businessman who always wanted to make a contribution to youth empowerment and to support the community; he supported the youth by offering them employment in his businesses,” he said.

Kabafunzaki urged fellow MPs to make a big contribution to the wellbeing of the youth in the country in memory of Beijukye.

The First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports, Hon. Janet Kataaha Museveni said that Beijukye served Ruhaama honourably, was dependable and a promising leader.

“The people of Ruhaama will mourn his death; he served his people diligently and wholeheartedly and was very approachable,” Kataaha said.

Furthermore, Hon. Gerald Karuhanga (Ntungamo Munic.) said that Ugandan leaders need to pick a leaf from Beijukye and remain coherent even when they disagree.

“Humility is a strong virtue that we all need to adopt for our country to move forward. Let us exercise togetherness even when we are not at par on matters that concern the nation,” Karuhanga said.

The Minister of State for Health, Hon. Sarah Opendi (NRM, Tororo district), said that the Ministry of Health is constrained in terms of funds to be able to purchase vaccines for Hepatitis B.

She added that there is need for more funds to mobilise health workers for the exercise to administer the Hepatitis B vaccine because they are currently underfunded.

Hon. Beijukye will be laid to rest in Ruhaama County, Ntugamo District.