Gashumba to sue gov’t, NBS TV, calls Kabushenga a dog, village pig

Frank and his co-accused

City businessman Frank Gashumba has said he will drag government to courts of law for imprisoning him on tramped up charges of impersonation, possession of drugs, forgery and conspiracy to commit a felony.

He was speaking to press before his appearance at Buganda Road Court on Monday which later released him on bail.

Gashumba narrated the horrid conditions at the Kireka based Special Investigations Divison [SID]. He claimed the facility is now under the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence [CMI] that arrested him.

“You are not allowed to see or talk to anyone. People have spent three months in detention over the death of Felix Kaweest. There are women detained there for these Togikwatako things,” Gashumba narrated.

He said the evidence of narcotics and fake documents that CMI claims to have found at his home were made up.

“Evidence? Where did they recover it from?” he wondered.

Gashumba reminded journalists that when one person is in custody, it means everyone else is held prisoner by the same government.

“Write balanced stories. Use logic like Tamale Mirundi says,” he told press.

“You too journalists will be arrested the next day. Don’t be like Kabushenga that dog that village pig,” he fumed.

Robert Kabushenga is the chief executive officer of Vision Group. He has had a long enmity with Gashumba.

Gashumba said New Vision makes Shs70m a month in profits because Kabushenga is paid to run fake stories against people perceived as anti-government.

“I will fight with Kin Kariisa of NBS TVO,” Gashumba noted, revealing that he has a long standing conflict with the Kamwokya based station.

While in prison, his daughter Sheillah Gashumba said NBS was running false reports against her father because they had beef [wrangles] with him.

“I will die with Kabushenga. He has to leave me alone,” Gashumba noted, adding, “What is NBS? I’m bigger than NBS. I will fight them too.”

The activist claimed when he left one of their programmes, it collapsed. “Be fair and balanced.“

At court, Gashumba said CMI soldiers had even champed at court to re-arrest him. After court he used a boda boda to cycle away before he could be re-arrested.

“I’m going to sue government. They use psychological torture but we are prepared for this.”