Police arrests 2 for gang raping woman in Bwaise


Police in Kawempe is holding two men identified as Ssemujju Lawrence and Nsubuga Farouk for allegedly raping a woman.

On 29th October 2017 at around 1am as the rape victim was coming back from an outing all tipsy (drunk not in a sober state) with her friend, along the way they met a group of 5 men that were smoking marijuana.

This group of boys stopped the two and immediately carried the girl to their timber workshop.

The two men requested the rest three to guard the boy that she had moved with so that they could complete their mission.

Nsubuga and Ssemujju decided to toss a coin on who to make love to the girl first. “I was lucky I got the first chance having chosen the heads side of the coin,” narrated Ssemujju.

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She pleaded with the boys to at least have protective sex however being a wrongful act, the two men saw it as the only once in a lifetime chance.

As narrated by the girl, Lawrence Ssemujju slapped, tore her clothes and went on with forced sex.

Nsubuga Farouk took position too, had his share of their prey. Around 4am as everyone was sobering up, the two boys chased away the girl and went home to freshen up for the new day.

However, the rape victim managed to identify Farouk who had for the last one month been pestering her for a relationship.

She then rushed to the local leaders who in turn took her to Kawempe Police Station where a rape case was reported SD:38/30/10/2017.

She was then taken for medical examination and HIV testing that very morning which indicated negative.

When the investigators questioned the twofold as to why they had to commit such a grave crime, Farouk disclosed that he couldn’t resist her curvy physical appearance and the skimpy way dressing.

The DPC Kawempe Division ASP. Aanyu Sarah called upon girls to always avoid moving in risky places, compromising dress code that entices men.

She also stressed that women are still regarded as the vulnerable sex hence they experience a large amount of harassment, abuse while travelling alone and also experience danger in their local communities.