Bobi Wine fumes, UCC denies banning his song ‘Freedom’


The Uganda Communications Commission [UCC] says it has not announced any ban on a song released by Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

The song titled “Freedom” condemns violations of human rights by the NRM government and accuses President Museveni, who should be a saviour, of subjecting Ugandans to what South Africans went through during the brutal, fascist apartheid regime.

Social media is awash with unverified rumours claiming UCC banned the song before police allegedly summoned the musician to Criminal Intelligence and Investigations Department [CIID] headquarters in Kibuli for questioning.

In a recorded video, Bobi Wine who is currently in South Africa performing from city to city, said he was not afraid of being arrested and would not allow UCC dictate what he should sing about.

But Pamela Ankunda, the UCC public relations officer, told, they have not banned the song. “UCC didn’t [ban it],” Ankunda told us.

Bobi Wine says even if he is arrested, there is nothing police will do to him. “I have been singing for a long time but now that I’m opening people’s eyes, they [government] have started threatening me.”

He said UCC was specifically set up to violate people’s rights. “The people who fought for freedom are now fighting against freedom. But no one is going to intimidate me.”