State House disowns fake Museveni letter to Kadaga

State House Nakasero

State House has dismissed as fake a letter circulating on social media purportedly written by the President in response to the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga.

Kadaga wrote to President Museveni asking him who the plain-clothed security operatives who raided parliament on September 27 were.

The October 23 letter to the President copied to the Prime Minister, Minister of Internal Affairs, Inspector General of Police and Commander of the Special Forces Command [SFC] sought an explanation on the “people in black suits and white shirts” who raided Parliament and beat members.

She further demanded the actual purpose of the deployment. “I have had the opportunity to view (closed-circuit television) camera footages of what transpired and noticed people in black suits and white shirts, who are not part of the parliamentary staff or the staff of the Sergeant-at-Arms, beating members.”

Fake response

In what seemed like a response to Kadaga, a fake letter circulated on social media Friday night allegedly written by Museveni in which he allegedly tells Kadaga the deployment of his personal guards was to deal with rowdy behaviour of MPs.

The fake letter alleges that Museveni met the National Security Council and discussed with them tactics and deployment strategies before flying to Brussels in Belgium.

He then referred Kadaga to members of the council for answers.

Senior Presidential Press Secretary, Wanyama Don Innocent, said State House is working tirelessly to bring to book the framers of fake letters containing the president’s name and signature.

“Apologies to my media friends who have been trying to reach me in vain. I am unwell and was far off the phone,” Don said on Saturday.

“I gather most of you are inquiring about this letter purportedly written by the President to the Speaker. It is a fake. It is a concoction.”

He added: “Please disregard it with the due contempt it deserves. Concerned authorities will get those behind these forgeries and bring them to account.”

The fake letter