Abiriga: Gashumba, Bobi Wine, Besigye, Zari most dishonest Ugandans

Abiriga donning red

Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga has listed his four topmost dishonest Ugandans, according to his own assessment.

Top on Abiriga’s list is city businessman and activist Frank Gashumba, followed by Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, then former presidential candidate, Kizza Besigye, and city socialite Zarinah Hassan Tlale aka Zari.

It is not clear how Abiriga, the champion of the presidential age limit bill, came to this conclusion.

The legislator even went an extra mile of comparing Gashumba to a vampire from Hollywood horror movies. Using the picture of a man-eating blood-sucking creature, Abiriga thought to depict the character of Gashumba.

The Sisimuka founder is in prison at Special Investigations Unit [SIU] Kireka for allegedly attempting to defraud investors of $12m dollars together with his brother Innocent Kasumba.

Gashumba was also reportedly found with stamps of various government departments and fake passports in fake names.

He has been arrested and tried in court since 2011 over various fraudulent offences.

Abiriga’s number two is musician Bobi Wine. He has just released a song titled “Freedom” in which he compares President Museveni’s regime to the fascist apartheid system the British used to dehumanise South Africans.

The singer whose music was recently banned by police, has been wrestling with the president over the age limit bill that will establish a monarchical presidency in Uganda.

As for being dishonest, Bobi Wine seemed to practice what he preaches. He just returned to parliament Shs29m given to him for facilitation during age limit consultations. Abiriga does not explain Bobi’s dishonesty.

Abiriga’s number three is Besigye, a former personal doctor to Museveni during the bush war. He stood against his former boss during 2001 elections, 2006, 2011 and 2016 losing them all.

He has always accused the president of rigging elections and stealing his victories since 2006 general elections.

He is the greatest opposition figure and a former Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] president who stepped aside for others to lead, the same thing he is asking Museveni to do by not pursing the age limit removal and life presidency.

Just like Museveni, Besigye too has changed his statements over the years to keep up his competition with a former friend.

Abiriga’s number of the top dishonest Ugandans is Zari, married to Tanzania Bongo Flava singer, Diamond Platnumz, and former wife to the late Ugandan businessman, Ivan Ssemwanga.

Zari has gone from one relationship to another amid accusations of adultery, cheating and randy behaviour over the years. Let us leave it at that.

“Honesty is a very expensive gift, don’t expect it from cheap people like these fellas,” Abiriga tweeted on Wednesday.

The tweet raised dust with several people reminding the MP that common sense was not common. “Common sense is an expensive gift, don’t expect those people to urinate on the street walls,” a follower told Abiriga.

“Says the man who paid 40000 for abirigating our streets,” said another follower while another added: “Look who is talking cheapness. A public nuisance who urinates anywhere.”

The legislator who is trending for his catwalk captured as he was leaving Serena Conference Centre during the State Of The Nation Address, has been in court for urinating on a wall near the Ministry of Finance building.

He was charged with being a public nuisance and fined Shs40,000 by City Hall Court following a suit lodged by a KCCA councillor.

Another picture of the yellow man has been circulating with him putting on a red suit and red shoes at a time opposition is using red ribbons in the “Togikwatako” [don’t touch the constitution] campaign.

But Abiriga says those who attack his boss and president should be ready to face the wrath of the president’s loyalists.

“When you make a master uncomfortable, expect his dogs to attack you viciously from all sides to show their loyalty. So, watch out. #AgeLimit,” he tweeted on Friday.