YMCA to host Break-Fast Jam 7th annual Hiphop dance battles


Danish dancer SoonEnough and Northern Irish DJ Snuff are among the international stars that are booked to headline the 7th annual Break-Fast Jam Finals, which are to be held at YMCA in Wandegeya, Kampala, on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th November, 2017.

This year’s event will have six major competition categories: Seve-2-Smoke breakdance battle, Solo Adults breakdance battle, Solo Kids break dance battle, Solo B-Girl break dance battle, Solo Popping battle, and Group battles.

Many of the competitors have worked they way up from regional competitions, and special guests will join from across East Africa and beyond.

Seven-2-Smoke is the most competitive battle for individual dancers, where participants are given 25 nonstop minutes outperform 7 other dancers. The kids category will feature children aged 5-9 and 10-15 competing for the title of champion of the year, while the 1 on 1 category will feature competitors facing off with other talented dancers in an ultimate battle.

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About the international guests:

DJ Snuff from Northern Ireland is a renowned Belfast borne DJ. He has collaborated with the Break-Fast Jam before and worked with major artists across the world, including Snoop Dog. DJ Snuff will be deejaying at the YMCA two-day event.

SoonEnough, from Copenhagen, Denmark, is a dancer who has been the head organizer of the internationally celebrated FloorWars, which is the biggest break dance event in Denmark.

About Break-Fast Jam:

Break-Fast Jam is an annual breakdance event held in Uganda that brings together participants from East African countries and the rest of the world. It aims at cultivating a positively enriching breakdance culture in Africa.

This initiative empowers participants socially and economically by elevating them with practical skills, knowledge, inspiration and experiences on an inclusive platform.

Break-Fast Jam’s activities include workshops, competitions, performances, exhibitions and educational discussions.

This year’s event will not only feature breakdance activities, but also graffiti art displays, a panel discussion, music performances, as well as a photography exhibit.

This year’s edition is sponsored by Break Dance Project Uganda, Whitehead Communications Ltd., Shake the Dust, Talent Africa, Krump UG Clothing, Gagawala Graphics, Most Opten, Top Nation Japan, Cypher Code Japan, SUW Japan, Break Point, Dance Flow, Viva Con Agua, Fresh Lane and Infinite Records.